Spring Release. Pro Features!

Yes! We have just released the long waited Pro features. We have been testing and working on this release in the past few months so we are very¬†excited to let you know it’s finally released.

We are going to create separate posts about the bigger features, so please consider the following as only summary of the new features.

Share Projects!

In the project option menu you can find a new Share menu item.

It opens a share window where you can enter multiple email addresses to share this project with. Todo.ly sends email notification to those email addresses letting them know you have shared a project. They don’t need to be a Pro user to see and edit the project. If they don’t have Todo.ly account, after signing up, they will see the project you shared.

Anyone you share a project can edit / add /delete items from the project. Technical details are coming soon in a separate post.


This is a pretty neat feature! You can add HTML! notes to each task.
Just copy paste any text/ image / video / whatever from a website and include this as notes to the task.

Copy paste an embedded Video from a site

If you take a look, you can see the yellow notes icon in the top left corner of the task. Clicking on the icon expands / collapses the Notes for the task. In case there is a notes for the task the icon is always visible.

You can also collapse / expand all notes on all tasks using the Notes link at the top of the page.

Clicking on a notes area below a task, changes it to edit mode, so you can easily edit the notes and save it by pressing enter or clicking out of the field.

Email Tasks to your Todo.ly

In case you want to send an email to your Todo list just send the email to todo@todo.ly. Todo.ly identifies your email address and adds this email to your Todo.ly Inbox.

The subject line will be the task itself, and if you have a Pro Account the body of the email gets attached as the notes of the task.

Find more details on notes in the upcoming blog posts.

Simpler Entry form

We fixed many bugs, and made many improvements. We improved the speed of rendering, upgraded and optimized the back end systems, so hopefully you will notice the faster page load and more responsive UI.

If you like Todo.ly you are going to love the new Pro features! Please Upgrade to Pro.

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