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How to Share a Project

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Sharing a project is quite simple. Click on the project you want to share, and select Share from the options menu.

A ‘Share Project’ window pops up where you can enter who you want to share this project with.

After entering one or more email addresses, you can select to Apply this share to all subprojects. That [...]

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Spring Release. Pro Features!

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Yes! We have just released the long waited Pro features. We have been testing and working on this release in the past few months so we are very¬†excited to let you know it’s finally released.
We are going to create separate posts about the bigger features, so please consider the following as only summary of the [...]

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Pro Features soon

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In the past few months we have been working on ‘Pro Features’ for
We are very excited about the new features we will have. Especially the Sharing feature. You will be able to share Projects with your friends, or assign a single task to someone.
It’s still not 100% complete, but hopefully we can finish it [...]

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