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Upgrade to Pro Account

All the best Features
Upgrade to Pro and you will get amazing new features on top of of the existing features you already like.
Unlimited Notes
Feel free to add as many notes as you just want. No limit. Write down everything you need to do, to keep track of your life. Get even more organized!
Unlimited Sharing
Share complete Projects with friends and colleagues. They can access and contribute to shared projects even if they don't have Pro account.
Secure Connection
No matter where you are, or how you access Always use secure connection to reach your tasks from anywhere safely.
Priority Support
You are very important to us, and we run to help you in case of any trouble. Email us. No answering machine, we reply personally.
Big Thank You from our Team
Support our Team by purchasing Pro account, and We promise We'll keep adding top-notch features into ..and of course We will love you forever.
More Pro features coming soon
We are continuously improving based on your needs, and feedbacks
Now just $3 a month!
That’s less than a Coffee.
What if I change my mind?
You can cancel the subscription at any time and your account will remain pro until your paid time runs out.
What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
For security's sake, we only accept payments via PayPal. However, using PayPal you can pay with your credit or debit card.
Are there any contracts?
There are no setup fees or long-term contracts and you can cancel your Pro account at any time.
Just so you know
We will always offer free accounts for anyone.
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