April Release

With the last release over the past weekend we introduced a couple of long waited features.

One of these is the Empty recycle Bin feature.
Hover over your mouse to the recycle bin and you will find an a new menu item in the usual place.

Clicking on the menu item will permanently delete all the items from the recycle bin. We don’t store any further records in our database after you empty your recycle bin this way.
In connection with this feature we introduced an option to Delete all done items in a project. Delete all done items will move the done items from the project to the Recycle bin.

Another cool new feature is the Project label in the filter list. When you are looking at a filter list you will find that each item has a label on the right side with the name of the project the item belongs to. Clicking on the label takes you to the project directly.

You can switch this label off (settings panel) if you prefer simpler interface.

We also fixed a number of bugs, and extended the API with many new methods. Find more about that in our API Wiki page. (update on Wiki page is coming after this post)

We are now preparing the application for the next big release that will finally contain pro features! You can expect many new features coming soon.

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