on Google Chrome Web Store

It has been two months since we posted on the Chrome Web Store. I have seen some people already blogging about their experience in the store and I’d like to share some thoughts on how the Chrome Web Store has performed for us.

We were lucky enough to be featured in the store when it launched and the past few weeks were nothing short of amazing for us. Thanks to the store, our user base has increased by 780%, achieving the goals we planned for the next 1/1.5 years within the first 3 weeks. Traffic of has increased even more –  by almost 1000%. In fact we grew so fast that our server almost couldn’t keep up. Fortunately we survived without any outage, and we quickly upgraded to a brand new server that is at least 10 times faster as it is important for us to keep lightning fast as always.

Based on the results we are very bullish on the store and we are planning to release some additional premium services in such as sharing projects. If you have any feature you would like to see in, we would love to hear about them. Visit our feedback page and vote for a feature you would like to use:

We would like to thank everybody for using, and for all the feedback we have received so far. We really appreciate it. Keep it coming!

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