Google OpenId Authentication

To Authenticate the API calls using Google Authentication, you need to request a special Token from the API. To request this token you need to display a special page on the User’s (Mobile) browser. If you are using the API from a Mobile application you can use the built in WebView.
The page you need to load is the following:

On this page the user can Authenticate using their Google Account. After the Authentication is done the page will return with some special cookies containing the information about the user and the Authentication Token.

Long story short: Open a WebView Control in your application. Load the URL mentioned above. Use the WebView Load event to check the Cookies on the page. If the Cookies are present you can close the WebView and use the Token you received.

The page will contain the following Cookies:
-AuthenticationToken (String)
-FullName (String)
-Email (String)
-NewUser (bool)

The Token can be used the same way as the normal Token authentication. Just include the “Token” key and the value in the Header of every request. This Token doesn’t expire, so you don’t need to authenticate the user every time.